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Caring for Caregivers Who Support Suicidal Loved Ones



This webinar introduces a 3-step Suicide Caregiver Support Model that gives providers a framework for how to work with caregivers. The process starts with helping caregivers prepare their care approach by reflecting on their own personal experiences and beliefs. Next, caregivers are equipped with skills and resources to support their loved ones. Lastly, discussions around how to implement a self-care plan, including setting limits, help caregivers sustain their own wellness.

Participants will learn practical tools to implement each step of the holistic model, and challenges to working with caregivers will be explored. Upon completion of this webinar, providers will be equipped with tools to support suicide caregivers in both community and individual settings.

About the Instructor:

Johanna Louie, LMSW, is a co-founder of Suicide Is Different, a first of its kind support program for caregivers of individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts. Her career in suicide prevention started in 2013 as a crisis line counselor. Since then, she has worked at various crisis centers and health agencies in both clinical and management roles. Her ultimate mission is to build supportive programs and practical tools to care for caregivers utilizing her interdisciplinary experiences. Johanna holds a MS in Human Behavior from the University of Southern California and a MS in Social Work from Columbia University.


Particpants will learn to:

  • Define the role of a suicide caregiver and identify their need for support.
  • Identify the components of the Suicide Caregiver Support Model and its research basis
  • Utilize practical tools and exercises to support suicide caregivers.
  • Discuss ways to effectively manage challenges when working with suicide caregivers.



Course Outline

1.       Introduction (15 minutes)

  • Current tools and approaches to suicide prevention
  • Group discussion

2.       Define Suicide Caregivers (10 minutes)

3.       Pillars of the Suicide Caregiver Support Framework (5 minutes)

4.       Gaps in Current Services (10 minutes)

5.       Barriers to Suicide Caregiver Support (15 minutes)

6.       Literature & Research Behind Suicide Caregiver Support Framework (15 minutes)

  • Understanding the experience of suicide caregiving
  • Group discussion

7.       3-Step Suicide Caregiver Support Framework Introduction (10 minutes)

8.       Break (10 minutes)

  • Step 1: Prepare (15 minutes)
  • Step 2: Learn (15 minutes)
  • Step 3: Sustain (15 minutes)

9.     Case Study (10 minutes)

10.   Implementation with Individual Clients (10 minutes)

11.   Implementation on an Agency Level (10 minutes)

12.   Implementation on a Community Level (10 minutes)

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