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Registration will open on February 15, 2024.

Learners have the option to complete any or all three of the online courses available in this training bundle. The list of available courses is listed below.

Course 1: Care Management Practice (2 hours, 2 CEs)

This course is designed to provide an overview of care management in health and human service work. Care management is a collaborative process of assessing, facilitating, and coordinating the care provided to older adults and people who have disabilities. It requires knowledge of the options and services in the community that can best meet the needs of the individual and family. Care management involves educating the individual in self-management skills so that they can participate more fully in the decisions that need to be made for their health and social well-being. It also connects and coordinates the assistance offered by formal (paid) service providers and the informal (unpaid) support provided by family and friends. Additional information about this course is available here.

Course 2: Care Transitions (4 hours, 4 CEs)

Many older adults do poorly when they are moved from one care setting to another. This course examines the reasons why and suggests some models of care transitioning that have been shown to work well. Also, this course covers how health and human service workers play a central role in care transitions, especially today as people are moved more frequently from one care setting to another. Although careful medical planning is the basis of good care transitioning, successful transitions require the additional knowledge that the workforce providing health and long-term supports and services to older adults and people with disabilities brings of the whole person in his or her environment. The course’s overview of various care transition models will help you become more familiar with some of the methods and tools used in care transitions programs throughout the country. Additional information about this course is available here.

Course 3: Working with Informal Caregivers (4 hours, 4 CEs)

This course will prepare you to adapt your knowledge of supportive services, resource development, and care management to support and collaborate with informal caregivers in a variety of situations and help them as they navigate our complex health care delivery system. Additional information about this course is available here.

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