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We bring the expertise and resources of a top-ranked research university and experts from the field to all our projects, and partner with you to design and customize training and learning enrichment programs tailored to your needs.

Curriculum Development

Our courses are competency-based and developed by academics and experienced practitioners. Each course has the support of an advisory committee consisting of key stakeholders from the target community and experts in the relevant field who provide feedback and revisions during all phases of the content development. Every course follows a conceptual model that utilizes best practices in adult and online learning. We believe that adult learners respond best when training is interactive and participatory, involves feedback, mentoring and role-playing, and incorporates specific elements that foster change in attitudes, knowledge, and behavior. Our team of instructional designers, video producers, writers, and support staff specialize in developing accredited online education and look forward to working with your organization to develop courses that meet the training needs of your staff.

Customized Training

For those who need customized options, our team offers blended training that combines online and in-person sessions, or tailored learning that combines specific courses. Training guides feature face-to-face exercises based on material from the online course, covering one to three hours of training with options for dividing, extending, or shortening sessions.

Evaluation Services

A key objective of our programs is to demonstrate that learners have mastered the competencies needed for effective practice. This requires professional judgment and critical thinking to translate knowledge, skills, and values into behaviors. As part of a comprehensive final report on the program’s overall effectiveness, we measure competencies and practice skills pre- and post-training, collect course evaluations, and examine long-term impacts.

Group Pricing

The Network has developed a group pricing model for courses and certificates that makes it even more affordable to train your staff.

Number Enrolled Individual CoursesFive-Course Certificate Program*
1 – 9$30 per CE credit hour$325 per enrollment
10 – 24$25 per CE credit hour$250 per enrollment
25+$20 per CE credit hour$200 per enrollment
* Currently applies to CADER program certificates

CE Approval Service

For organizations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Network for Professional Education is an approved provider of continuing education credits (CEs). We are authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Social Work Registration to approve programs from other Massachusetts organizations and trainers who are looking to provide CEs for licensed social workers who attend their trainings.  

Approval for programs will be valid within our two-year licensing cycle, which runs from October 1st – September 30th. Our current cycle is October 1st, 2020 – September 30th, 2022.

CE Application Fees and Payment

Program Duration Application Fee / payment link
1 – 3 hours$50
3.5 – 6 hours$65
6.5 – 12 hours$80
12.5 – 18 hours$95
Rush Processing Fees
for fewer than 7 business days before event
for Applications over 12 CE Credit Hours
CE Repeat Use Form Fee$15 per date submitted

Boston University photo by Amanda Schneider, BU COM ’23