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Join The Network’s Trainers Hub and find opportunities to share your expertise, knowledge, and skills with health and social service professionals nationwide.

Join our Network Trainers Hub and access new opportunities to work with organizations seeking your area of expertise. Training opportunities range from working with organizations to create tailored curriculum, deliver trainings in a variety of formats, and develop assessments and evaluations of a program’s effectiveness. In addition to sharing your own skills and subject knowledge with our growing community of practice, you’ll also benefit from the additional peer support, mentoring, and consultation with colleagues representing a wide range of expertise in health and human services.

Join The Trainers Hub — Register now for our Train-the-Trainer Certificate Program, and start partnering with The Network to innovate new training categories, delivery formats, and tools to develop the skills and competencies of our social services workforce.

Train-the-Trainer Certificate Program

Start by completing our Train-the-Trainer Certificate — a self-paced, online certificate course developed at BUSSW to ensure all of our Network Trainers are ready to deliver the best practices in training.

This 3 CE-certificate course is designed to build and complement your own training skills in these critical areas:

  1. Preparing for Successful Training
  2. Curriculum Design & Implementation 
  3. Assessment & Evaluation

Designed to be completed in three (3) hours, the certificate course offers insights, activities and resources that will guide you through the training process from development, to delivery and evaluation. With successful completion of the certificate program, trainers will receive three (3) CE credits as well as membership in our Network Trainers Hub.

Become a Trainer

Are you ready to share your training expertise? Join our community of practice!

Get Certified to join The Trainers Hub

The Trainers Hub program is available to all members of the BU community, including BUSSW alumni, faculty, instructors, advisors, and certificate graduates of our CADER certificate and online CBT programs.

“The Train-the-Trainer Certificate is one of those courses that I would go back to again and again, because even though I understand the material, I would like to say, ‘Okay, now that I’m creating this class, I want to go through these specific parts of the course and make sure I’m still checking all those boxes.’ Having that frame of reference is very beneficial as an instructor.

Melissa Donahue,PhD, Network Trainers Hub member