Become a Trainer

Join The Network’s Trainers Hub and find opportunities to share your expertise, knowledge, and skills with health and social service professionals nationwide.

As part of The Trainers Hub, you’ll have access to new opportunities with organizations working in your areas of expertise. You’ll also benefit from additional peer support, sharing best practices and helping expand our supportive, committed, forward-looking community of practice. Opportunities range from developing and delivering trainings in a variety of formats, leading curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, to consultation, mentoring and advising.

Do you have an idea for a new seminar or course? We want to hear from you. Join our Network and help us expand into new training categories, delivery formats, and workforce development tools.

Currently, the Trainers Hub program is open to BUSSW faculty members, instructors, advisors, graduates of BUSSW’s MSW program, or CADER or CBT certificate program graduates.

Train-the-Trainer Certificate Program

To join our Trainers Hub, you’ll need to complete our Train-the-Trainer Certificate — a series of three online courses developed at BUSSW to ensure our Network Trainers are ready to deliver the best practices in training, designing course content, and evaluating training outcomes.

This certificate is comprised of these self-paced courses to be completed in sequence:

  1. Preparing for Successful Training
  2. Curriculum Design & Implementation 
  3. Assessment and Evaluation

Upon successful completion of the certificate, trainers will be credentialed as Network Certified Trainers and be qualified to join The Trainers Hub. The certificate provides all trainers with 10 continuing education (CE) credits and one year membership in The Trainers Hub.

Become a Trainer

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