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To Become a Healthcare Planning Ambassador: Engaging Adults in Effective Care Planning Conversations



Become a Certified Health Care Planning Ambassador to confidently and routinely start a planning conversation to help adults make a care plan. Come join the 3500 certified Ambassadors who use the Getting Started Tool Kit  and Next Steps Tool Kit to engage adults in powerful planning conversations to complete a MA Heath Care Proxy and Personal Directive (Living Will), and build on their personal plan to get better care to live well with chronic and serious illness. Ambassadors gain strategies to start simple conversations, understand the 5 MA documents to revise and update a plan, and access resources to help connect adults to better care in their community.

Participants receive a HCM Health Care Planning Ambassador Certificate. Once you complete the webinar, please send an email to Ellen DiPaola, President, Honoring Choices Massachusetts, to receive your certificate and The Getting Started Tool Kit.

About the Instructor:

Ellen M. DiPaola, JD, is the President and CEO of Honoring Choices Massachusetts. Ms. DiPaola had a former law practice with a focus in Guardianship and Conservatorship. Ms. DiPaola oversees all aspects of the organization, and convenes the New England Healthy Living Collective and the Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group. She chairs the Guardianship-Serious Illness Advisory Group, co-sponsored by Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association, and is co-chair of the MOLST to POLST Advisory Group, MA Coalition for Serious Illness Care. Ellen is a state representative to the National POLST Plenary Assembly, leading the Patient-Consumer Education Workgroup.

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