General Policies for The Network

Asynchronous Courses & Certificates

Hybrid Courses

Live Webinars and In-Person Seminars

In the event of a refund request, all fees will be refunded if the participant cancels two weeks before the seminar date. To request a refund for a webinar in that timeframe, please use our Learner Account Assistance Form.

Policies for Asynchronous Online Courses & Certificates

Completion – Online Certificate Program and Course 

* If you are part of a state or agency program, please check with your Training Lead about completion date.

All asynchronous learners will have one year from their date of enrollment to access and complete their online certificate program or course. Asynchronous learners will also have one year from enrollment date to access and complete course content. We highly recommend that learners aim to complete within 9 months of enrollment. To extend access beyond the one-year mark, there will be a $100 extension fee for an additional 60 days of access. Extensions without a fee will be granted for extenuating circumstances & medical leaves. To submit a request, fill out our Learner Account Assistance form.

Online Course Credit & Transfers 

Learners will have the option to swap up to three online courses completed within two years of completing a certificate program or course. However, learners will need to pay the full rate for the certificate program. 

Participants will have access to the online courses for one year from the launch of the program (invoice date). Once a learner has enrolled in a spot, this spot cannot be transferred to another learner. Program managers may replace learners that have not enrolled in the online program. 

These learners will also have one year to access and complete their training from the launch date of the program. CADER may, on a case-by-case basis, decide to extend the end date for participants, but please keep in mind that there may be an additional administrative fee associated with doing so. 

Requesting Accommodations 

The Network for Professional Education provides access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodations for all its continuing education programs for individuals with disabilities. If you require special assistance, please contact us to inform us of your needs two weeks in advance at Our staff is available Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST. 

Grievance Policy

If you have any problems or concerns you have with any aspect of this online course, please contact The Network by email at Our staff are available to address any difficulties you may have with: 

For any concerns that cannot be resolved with The Network for Professional Education directly, please follow the complaint resolution process outlined on the State Authorization & Distance Education website

Policies for Agencies & Organizations 

Completion – Online Certificate and Course 

Although CADER completion policy is one year from date of invoice, agencies and states may limit course/program completion deadline. Please check with your Training Lead. 

Extension Exceptions 

Extensions without a fee will be granted for extenuating circumstances & medical leaves. 

Progress Reports 

Grant programs – Learner progress will be closely monitored. 

The Training Lead will be updated on learner progress. 

Agency/Organization programs – Learner progress will be updated monthly. 

The Training Lead will be updated on learner progress. 

Training Liaison

Organizations are responsible for assigning a Training Liaison to ensure a successful training.  Please refer to your Scope of Work requirements. 

Training Time for Staff

It is strongly recommended that organizations and agencies allocate enough work time for staff to complete the training. 

Group pricing for asynchronous courses & certificates

The Network offers group pricing for courses and certificates that makes training highly affordable.

Number Enrolled Individual CoursesFive-Course Certificate Program*
1 – 9$30 per CE credit hour$325 per enrollment
10 – 24$25 per CE credit hour$250 per enrollment
25 +$20 per CE credit hour$200 per enrollment
* Currently applies to CADER program certificates

Group pricing for WEBINARS

Discounts are also available for small groups attending our webinars:

Number Enrolled Discount available
3 – 5save 10% on each enrollment
6 – 10save 15% on each enrollment
11 +save 20% on each enrollment
Ask your colleagues to join you in this group savings and build the capacity of this critical workforce together!

Policies for CE Program Approval:

General Policies for CE Program Applications:  

CEs for In-Person offerings:

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