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Am I eligible to join the Trainers Hub?

Currently, our Trainers Hub program is available to members of the BU community, including alumni, BUSSW faculty, instructors, advisors, as well as certificate graduates of our CADER and online CBT programs.

How do I become a Trainer in The Network Trainers Hub?

The Trainers Hub program is open to all members of the BU community, including alumni, BUSSW faculty, instructors, advisors, and certificate graduates of our CADER and online CBT programs.

If you are interested in joining our Trainers Hub program, please visit our Learning Catalog to register for our Train-the-Trainer Certificate, a self-paced, online program. The cost for the 3-course certificate is $250 and includes 10 CEs, a certificate from Boston University School of Social Work, and membership in The Network Trainers Hub.

What are the benefits of joining the Trainers Hub?

By applying to the Trainers Hub and joining our program, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with The Network to contract with new client organizations, leverage BUSSW resources to expand your impact, and collaborate with our community of practice to develop innovative workforce training and development programs.

You can read more about the benefits of becoming a Network Trainers Hub member here.


Do you need to complete the Train-the-Trainer certificate to join the Trainers Hub?

Yes.  The Train-the-Trainer certificate program was designed to ensure that all prospective Network trainers in our Trainers Hub are properly credentialed and ready to represent BUSSW nationally.

You can read more about the origins of the program in this interview with Director, Bronwyn Keefe.

If I already have experience as a Trainer, what can I gain from the Train-the-Trainer certificate?

All the Trainers who complete our Train-the-Trainer certificate program are required to have some training experience. This certificate ensures that all of our trainers possess a baseline level of experience, to ensure competency in three key areas of demand:  training delivery, curriculum development, assessment & evaluation.  As a result, even seasoned trainers have found the opportunity for a “refresher” course to be valuable.

As a Network Trainer, how do I partner with BUSSW in training engagements?

We match trainers when we learn of opportunities from agencies and organizations in health & social services. Currently, there are two models for how these “training engagements” are structured:

* Some organizations prefer to work directly with a trainer, independent of BUSSW – in which case we are merely the bridge between you and the organization, and all fees and negotiations will be between you and the organization.

* Others prefer to work through BUSSW and contract with us — in which case, the organization would also pay BU a fee for our service to set up the training and manage all the details, and we would pay the trainer from this contract.

What are the criteria for matching a trainer with an organization?

There are many factors we take into consideration when matching a trainer with an organization: a trainer’s subject area of expertise, the training services they provide, the associated formats required, their availability and the client’s budget all factor into determining the best fit for a successful training engagement.

Are there fees associated with trainer matching?

No.  There are no fees associated with matching trainers to organizations.

Are Network Trainers able to determine their own fees and preferred training engagement model?

 Yes. When we meet with Trainers after they complete their certification, trainers are welcome to indicate the hourly fees they typically charge for training and their preferred model.  However, often there are organizations & agencies that may prefer one engagement model over the other.

Is it still possible to be an instructor for webinars or seminars without being a member of The Network Trainers Hub?

Yes. We continue to invite instructors from beyond the BUSSW community (including former PEP instructors) to submit new proposals for a webinar or seminar. You do not need to be a member of our Trainers Hub to participate in this opportunity.  If you have a proposal idea for a webinar or workshop, please share your ideas and program details here.