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Designed as a Train-the-Trainer program, this self-paced online course is a series of three self-paced, integrated sections on best practices in training that can be completed in three hours.  Developed in collaboration with our Network Alumni Training Board, the certificate covers core competencies in these key areas:

  • Preparing for Success in Training
  • Curriculum Design and Implementation
  • Assessment and Evaluation

Successful completion of the Train-the-Trainer certificate program will certify trainers as members of the Network’s Trainers Hub — and provide opportunities to work with organizations to conduct in-person trainings or online webinars, review online courses, serve as online course authors, and provide consultation to a wide variety of BUSSW clients.

The Trainers Hub provides opportunities to work together with The Network for Professional Education at BU School of Social Work on our important mission to further develop the competencies and skills of the health and human services workforce.

* Available to all members of the BU community, including alumni, BUSSW faculty, instructors, advisors, and certificate graduates of our CADER and online CBT programs.

Feedback from our Trainers Hub members:

“The Train-the-Trainer certificate really encourages you to consider all learning styles. I think it’s a great structure to help people become better educators and presenters.”

“Going forward, I can speak more accurately about the reasons behind training/facilitation decisions. I liked learning the language specific to adult learners.”

“The activities helped me to incorporate what I was learning.  I am looking forward to developing a training.”

“I loved having the opportunity to work with my own material throughout this training.  It helped me begin to prepare an upcoming program in an organized, thoughtful way.”

“A well organized course to refresh and remind a trainer/facilitator or coach how to make a positive impact on the learning community”


After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify training needs and align your goals for conducting a specific training
  • Design and prepare curriculum content for a training program
  • Develop a tool to evaluate your program

In addition, you will be certified to join our Network Trainers Hub.

Course Outline

Section 1: Course Overview

Section II: Preparing for Success

Section III: Curriculum Design and Implementation

Section IV: Assessment and Evaluation

Section V: Join our Trainers Hub Community

Section VI: Summary, Resources & References

Course Policies

For information about refunds, cancellations, accommodations and to contact us please visit the policies page.

Accessibility Information

All online courses are self-paced and are designed as reading-based and include interactive multimedia components including simulations, video, audio, and discussion boards.

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