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End-of-Life Issues

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This course offers insight and tools to prepare social service practitioners for the challenges—and the rewards—of caring for older adults as they approach the end of life, and of providing support to the older adult’s family and friends as they share that journey. The course provides clinical practice techniques, assessment and evaluation methods, care-planning, and treatment interventions. Self-awareness exercises are included to help course participants assess their own attitudes toward death, and detect and identify signs of their own emotional and physical fatigue as they move through the stages of dying and grieving with their patients. The ability to recognize this fatigue offers the professional the opportunity to engage in helpful self-care and avoid burnout.

*You can register for this course individually or as part of a certificate program.


  • Articulate the various roles of social service practitioners in end-of-life care.
  • Describe the palliative care model.
  • Identify the different stages of dying that patient and family experience.
  • Explain the ethical issues that can accompany end of life decisions.
  • Describe how social policy influences end of life care.

Course Outline

  • Pre-course Competency Assessment
  • Section I: Course Overview
  • Section II: Background and Scope
  • Section III: Key Content
  • Section IV: The Role of the Social Service Practitioner
  • Section V: Diversity and Multicultural Considerations
  • Section VI: Ethical and Legal Dimensions
  • Section VII: Policy Context
  • Section VIII: Course Summary and Resources
  • Course Quiz
  • Post-course Competency Evaluation
  • Certificate of Completion

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Accessibility Information

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