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Mental Health and Aging Issues

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This course provides health and human service workers with fundamental knowledge of the signs and symptoms of common mental health concerns that impact older adults and the tools required to address the needs of the older people you work with in this crucial realm — through appropriate intervention or referral. The course will discuss a strengths-based approach to mental health, which uncovers and draws on the person’s strengths and abilities. Understanding how to work from this perspective will help you become more effective in your work with people who need affirmation and encouragement to work toward their recovery.

Note: This course is also accredited by Boston University School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Nursing Education to provide 4 CNE and CME credit hours.  It can also be taken as part of our Behavioral Health in Aging Certificate which provides 19 CNE and CME credit hours.

*You may register for this course individually or as part of a certificate program.

Learner Feedback:

“I truly enjoyed this course —  as a manager of a senior center it has taught me so much. I appreciated the information, the website, the blogs, etc.”


  • Identify the mental health conditions that affect older adults.
  • Describe the common standardized mental health assessments and diagnostic tools that are appropriate for older adults.
  • Identify resources and services available for treating mental health conditions in older adults and their families.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to conduct mental health assessments and interventions with older adults in a culturally competent manner.

Course Outline

  • Pre-Competency Self-Assessment
  • Section I: Course Overview
  • Section II: Background, Scope, and Public Policy
  • Section III: The Mental Health Disorders of Older Adults
  • Section IV: Engagement, Screeni9ng, and Initial Assessment
  • Section V: Assessment: Some Helpful Tools to Assess Mental Health
  • Section VI: Psycho-pharmacological Therapies for Older People
  • Section VII: Psychosocial Therapies and Programs
  • Section VIII: Ethics and the Law in Mental Health Issues
  • Section IX: Conclusion of Course
  • Course Quiz
  • Post-course Competency Evaluation

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Accessibility Information

All online courses are self-paced and are designed as reading-based and include interactive multimedia components including simulations, video, audio, and discussion boards.

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