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What Not to Say: Grief Counseling in Clinical Practice — June 17th



Death is a part of life and everyone experiences loss. Yet, many clinicians lack training in the area of grief counseling. How can you build the confidence and skills to support and help your patients?

If you are looking for a place to start, consider joining this live, 3-hour, interactive webinar. It will provide you will a strong foundation to confidently and effectively work with death and non-death loss. We will also review best practices to navigate grief reactions, complications from the Covid-19 Pandemic and when grief becomes a DSM-5 diagnosis.

This workshop covers contemporary theory, practice tools, and therapy techniques. We will use a case example to allow for the opportunity to practice your new clinical skills. You will leave with concrete strategies you can apply immediately with your clients.

About the Instructor:

Erena DiGonis, LCSW-R is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Clinical Anxiety and Trauma Treatment Professional. Erena has twenty-one years of practical and professional experience as an active clinician, teacher, and supervisor. She has worked in a variety of community, psychiatric, in-home, and private practice settings with hundreds of complex cases. Erena is a sought-after writer, speaker, and consultant and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Psychology Today, Reader’s Digest, Women’s Health, and MEL magazine. She is also on the Advisory Board Member for the CPTSD Foundation.


1) Describe the different types of grief.

2) Differentiate potential loss events occurring throughout the lifespan, including non-death situations and secondary losses.

3) Determine Complicated Grief.

4) Apply contemporary grief counseling theory.

5) Identify three grief counseling interventions to implement in session.

Course Outline

1-1:15 pm: Intro and Overview

1:15 pm-1:25 pm:  Understanding Death and Grief – types of loss, types of grief, types of grief reactions

1:25 pm-1:35 pm: Impact of Grief: Emotional and cognitive expressions, Physical manifestations, Behavioral expressions, Social behaviors, and societal reactions

1:35 pm-1:45 pm Predictors and mediators of grief

1:45 pm- 1:55 pm: Cross-cultural and religious considerations discussion

1:55 pm-2:10 pm: Assessment, Diagnoses, Symptoms

2:10 pm-2:25 pm- Secondary Losses, Case Study and Intervention

2:25 pm-2:30 pm- Q&A

2:30 pm-2:45 pm Break

2:45 pm-2:55 pm Old and Newer Models for Understanding Grief

2:55 pm- 3:10 pm: Components of a general approach

3:10 pm-3:50 pm: Interventions and Case Study

3:50 pm-4 pm: Q&A

Course Policies

For information about refunds, cancellations, accommodations and to contact us please visit the policies page.

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