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Foundations in Aging & Disabilities Certificate

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This three-course certificate program provides a strength-based approach for health and social service practitioners looking at aging and disabilities from a biological, psychological, and social perspective. Included will be content on the assessment process, available services and supports and how to utilize this information to benefit the people with whom you work.

The three courses that comprise this Foundations in Aging & Disabilities certificate are also the core components of CADER certificates in Case Management, Person-Centered Case Management, and ADRC/No Wrong Door Key Principles which carry additional CEs.

The Foundations certificate is indispensable for those entering the field as well as those with experience who are looking to further develop their knowledge and skills in these important content areas.

Learner Feedback:

“It took me a while to get started but I really loved the course and feel it supported the work I do in many ways.”


Core Issues in Aging and Disability
  • Discuss the basic issues related to disability and aging.
  • Describe the ways in which an individual’s cultural, ethnic, or religious background, sexual orientation, or gender identity can influence the experiences of aging and living with a disability.
  • Describe the philosophy of consumer choice.
  • Define functional capacity in terms of activities of living.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of resources and programs that support older adults and persons with disabilities.
Assessment of Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities
  • Describe your role in the assessment process
  • Explain how the assessment process supports choice, self-determination, and participation.
  • Identify the legal and ethical considerations during assessment.
  • Explain the role of the consumer as partner in assessment.
  • Consider the diversity of consumers using cultural humility.
A Guide to the Aging and Disability Networks
  • Identify key federal, state, and local resources available to older adults, persons with disabilities, and their families.
  • Explain how eligibility and accessibility impact the use of federal, state and local programs.
  • Discuss methods for identifying and accessing resources for older adults, persons with disabilities, and their families.
  • Define key terminology in understanding and navigating the aging and disability networks.

Course Policies

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Accessibility Information

All online courses are self-paced and are designed as reading-based and include interactive multimedia components including simulations, video, audio, and discussion boards.

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